Friday, May 15, 2009

The Second Annual Art Festival at the One Washington Center Mill in Dover, NH----Mamaka Mills!

We had such a BLAST at the Art Festival
this year and had the chance to meet some great folks!

As always, we were side by side with Pond Hill Studios,
Handblown Glass Jewelry in Barrington, NH (my mom) and
RSP Studio's Rebecca Proctor (,
who is located in the Washington Center Mill as well!

We had the chance to show off some new designs
and have some old friends stop by and help spread the word!

My fiance Corey, also did a fantastic job
of helping us set up and break down the displays,
but then again that's his job as the
Mamaka Mills Fan Club President!!! Ha ha....

READ about the Festival in Fosters HERE!!

We just LOVE Downtown Dover, NH
and had such a great time spreading the word
about the Mill and our fellow artists!