The Custom Memory Quilts are created one at a time using your textiles and clothing with your own color choices and designs. Whether you are preserving the memory of a loved one lost or celebrating the union of two people in marriage, combining clothing and sentimental objects into a quilt that can be cherished and enjoyed is my number one priority!
All custom quilts are made by hand, one at a time in Alix’s studio. Alix will work closely on the design of your commission to ensure your happiness with this entire process.
I can work with most every textile and article of clothing from  T shirts, dresses, woven shirts, scarves, etc. I can even use unique articles such as stuffed animals, knit sweaters, umbrellas, and just about anything!
I will examine every article of clothing you provide and test for its suitability and durability before usage in your finished quilt.
Our Custom Prices are approximate and as follows:
Crib (38″ X 48″) $175- $275
Twin (66″ X 86″) $550- $850
Queen (82″ X 96″) $775-$1200
King (92″ X 100″) $925-$1400
Custom prices are approximately $.10-$.15 a square inch and vary depending on size and complexity of design.

I require a 50% deposit for every custom order.

Lead time is approx. 5 months as of May 2012.

Shipping within the US is a flat rate of $30.
Please contact me for international rates.

Military Memory Quilts are same custom pricing as above but please add $1.50 per patch added. (First 4 patches free)

Once the quilt design is approved by you and the creation has commenced,  there will be no changes or additions to the quilt.
 No exceptions. 

Contact me through
 for more information.