Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Custom Quilt Series Made From Pajamas, Knit Shirts and Other Types of Clothing

This series of quilts was made for a family here in NH in memory of their
Aunt who had passed away last year.
The family had gotten together and cut squares from her clothing in
hopes of making some quilts in the future.
These projects were very meaningful and fun for me because they are
such a wonderful family and a pleasure to work with.
All of the textiles had to "treated" with a non woven fusible backing
which I applied with heat to adhere it to the knit fabric.
The reason for this is because the knit fabric
(common in jersey shirts and stretchy clothing)
is too flimsy to be sewn properly on its own
so after it's "treated" it is as stiff as a woven fabric.
It keeps it's structure and makes the textile much more durable and capable to withstand washing for many years to come!
With this process, I can take almost ANY fabric and textile
from any kind of clothing
and reuse it to create a one of a kind sustainable quilt
made from recycled materials!