Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recycled Textile Sample Card Quilt- For Sale on

This is a great quilt for a baby shower or for yourself! 
This quilt was made using recycled textile pieces designed to showcase and sell the individual fabrics.
 After the showroom is done using the fabrics, the sample cards are thrown away but not here! 
The have a second life as a baby quilt!
This quilt's backing is made from 100% Cotton Navy fabric 
and the batting is made with Warm n Natural 100% Cotton, 
unbleached and grown in the USA.
This quilt measures 52" X 58" which is perfect for a baby quilt and large enough to be 
used as a crawling blanket on the floor!
This quilt can be completely machine washable and of course thrown in the dryer!!!
The shiny colored fabrics used can go either way as well, for a boy or for a girl.