Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meandering Stitches in Barrington, NH Professional Long Arm Quilting Service

Many people have asked me who I use for my 
Long Arm quilting and I am overjoyed to say that 
I have FINALLY found one of the 
BEST Long Arm quilters in the state! 
As far as I know, there hasn't been a "long arm quilter competition" 
in NH but if there was, 
I would vote for Cil!!!

Her name is Cecile Huse and she owns 
Meandering Stitches in
Barrington, NH. 

Since I most do "improvisational quilting", my quilt tops may not be as...let's just say... as perfect, as many "traditional" quilters that we all may know. 

That is NO problem for Cecile and her sister Viv!

They have an amazingly clean and professional studio right in Barrington, NH.

What I like about Cil is that her work is always impeccable and precise.
 She will put the extra time into doing the job RIGHT 
and not just rushing through to get it done.
I have tried MANY long arm quilters 
and I can honestly say, without a doubt,
 that Cil at Meandering Stitches is one of the best.

Meandering Stitches
Fogarty Road
Barrington, NH