Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Military Soldier Army Custom Memory Quilt In Progress

The response from the Custom Military Memory Quilt
post has been tremendous!

This service that I am offering has seemed to resonate with so many people who want a memory quilt for themselves or their family, made from fatigues and patches.

I work very closely with each client for my usual custom orders but this particular service is very special to me.
What I've done this quilt shown (which I am making from my fiance's fatigues) is first removed all of the patches and removed the seams as to not damage the patches themselves.

Then I have broken down each uniform and removed the heavy seams, pockets and buttons and prepared them to be squared.

I decided to use black 100% cotton fabric for the background as well as for the backing because I think it showcases the uniform fabric well and won't compete with it.

In addition, we have ORDERED patches from a company online, of all of the units that my fiance has been a part of.

They have them available from all of the units, brigades, commands, vessels, etc. in the armed forces.

They have West Point patches, Ranger tabs, full color dress unit patches, etc.

The reason for this is to have ALL of my fiances military experience chronicled in this quilt and incorporate patches that wouldn't be on regular fatigues.

For this queen sized quilt, I have used one full uniform, the top jacket and the pants.

I can make ANY sized quilt or wall hanging using ANY uniform and incorporate as many meaningful patches desired.

Visit my site or e mail me at for more information on design options and pricing of my

Custom Military Memory Quilts!

More pictures to come!!