Thursday, July 2, 2009

Veteran Soldier & Active Duty Military Memory Quilt- Made From Uniforms, Patches and Accessories

My fiance, Corey is a military guy
 and with that comes his boxes of uniforms and "accessories" 
that he no longer has a use for. 

And so the "Military and Soldier Memory Quilt" was born!

I'm going to use everything from 
pants, shirts, jackets, helmet covers, etc
 in this quilt to remember his service and make use of his "real" Army stuff!

In addition, I offer this service for those 
who want to remember a son, dad, daughter, mom, etc
 that had served or is currently serving
 by using their OWN uniforms and Military garb. 
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Please contact me at
 to discuss having a custom quilt made just for you
 from your loved ones Military Uniforms and outfits.

Stay tuned for pictures updating my progress on this quilt!!