Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Classes This March & April in Dover, NH

Patchwork Panache with Alix Joyal

The Sewing Tree is honored to have Alix Joyal, founder of Mamaka Mills, and expert in custom made memory quilts, as our guest educator.  Alix will be presenting 4 weeks of textile and quilting information to get you started. If you have always been intrigued by sustainable textiles and memory quilts, but didn't know where to begin, this series is for you!  Find out more about Alix at

Take one class or take them all!


The fee is $30.00 per session or all four for $100.00 plus supplies.  A supply list will be provided at registration.

Basic understanding of machine sewing required, but no prior quilting experience needed.


It is suggested that you bring your own sewing machine, but not required. If you do bring your own machine, please also bring your foot pedal, power cord, and the manual. Please bring your own clothing or textiles that you would like to use in your own designs so that we may discuss them in class. There will also be samples and a variety of other textiles for use as well. Also, we suggest you bring your own cutting tools (scissors, rotary cutters, etc) and standard sewing supplies, but it is not required as we will have some for use during the class.


This 8–hour class is being offered as four 2.5–hour classes on Wednesdays from 2:00pm – 4:30pm. Sign up for one or all four. 

March 23rd – Contemporary Quilting using recycled textiles, repurposed clothing and up-cycled fabrics. Part 1

We will learn non-traditional quilting techniques using recycled clothing and non-traditional fabrics. There will be information about various textiles such as how they are manufactured and how they behave in a finished quilt. Bring clothing to break down and prepare for quilting and specialty textiles you have always wanted to use, but didn't know how. You will also learn the 'modified log cabin' block design using only templates and rulers, no pinning or measuring necessary.

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March 30th – Non–Traditional Memory Quilt Class, using your own clothing and textiles. Part 1

In this class we will discuss how to construct a Memory Quilt using your own knit t-shirts, baby clothing, wedding dresses, etc. This class will discuss the treating of textiles to incorporate in your finished quilt and how to test your textiles to make sure they will work in your design. If you have always wanted to make a Memory Quilt but were overwhelmed as where to start, this class is for you. We will also learn how to create a contemporary design, without the use of pinning and measuring.

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April 6th – Contemporary Quilting using recycled textiles, repurposed clothing and up-cycled fabrics. Part 2

We will learn more techniques to create that one-of-a-kind recycled quilt, without the use of pinning or measuring. This "free-form" quilting open up your world of possibilities and introduces you to the world of confined chaos quilting. We will be working on strip quilting squares and will also be learning how to break down garments for re-use. This class will enable you to use all different types of textiles, not just those quilting cottons from the quilt shop, as we will use Polyesters, Velvets, Silks, Corduroys, etc!!

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April 13th – Military Memory Quilts, Baby Memory Quilts and Wedding Memory Quilts. Part 2

We will discuss each type of Memory Quilt and how they can be easily prepared and constructed using some easy and fun techniques. Bring your uniforms, baby clothing or wedding dresses and we will discuss how each can be used to create that perfect one of a kind memory quilt! You will also be taught different non-traditional quilt squares that can be used with just about any type of textile. It's time to have fun with quilting again!!

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Just a taste of Alix's Custom Memory Quilts.

Sample    Sample    Sample    Sample    Sample