Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Military Memory Quilt- Army

This is a Military Memory Quilt made from a camo uniform and a knit PT t shirt.
What I did was break down the uniform and get rid of the buttons, triple folded hems, and the ripped or stained areas.
Then I broke down the t shirt and cut off the sleeves and the neck.

Next I had to iron on a fusible non-woven interfacing to make the knit stiff enough to cut and sew.
Then I cut the strips of t shirt into the desired length. Using the interfacing makes it so that the knit won't shift or stretch, which is key when quilting with this sort of fabric.
After all the the strips are cut, I sewed them together in panels with black as the background color...
Then I have it professionally finished by my favorite long arm quilter in Maine.

I like to remove pockets when I can so that it shows the color variations and fading. I think it looks really cool!
 I sew on a black binding and that's it!