Thursday, March 17, 2011

Restoration Quilt- Rehab of Old Recycled Textile Quilt

This is a quilt I had to completely restore for
one of my dearest friends, Shanna 
after her beloved Aunt had passed. 
Her Aunt had made this quilt for her many years ago and as you can see, 
the wear and tear took its toll on the quilt. 
In addition, this quilt was hand tied but VERY sparsely 
so that contributed to the ripping and destruction.
The polyester batting was being ripped through the holes
 and the fabrics were barely hanging on!
I spread the quilt out and decided the best course of action for this project
 was to remove the top from the backing 
and completely redo each and every square.
I had to cut each square out 
(losing about 1/4" on each side from every square).
Then I found some similar vintage and recycled fabrics from
 clothing at the thrift store and remade each piece, 
trying to save as much of the original fabric as possible.

When the quilt was completely done
 I had it professionally long arm quilted
to ensure it would tear apart or rip ever again!!