Thursday, May 12, 2011

Memory Quilt Gift Certificates Now Available!!

I am now offering Gift Certificates for 
Custom Memory Quilts or for Custom Recycled Quilts.

Memory Quilt Gift Certificates now available!

Contact me and we will come up with a size and a design of a quilt for you to give as a gift!

Great for weddings, births, deaths, birthdays, and everyday!

That way the receiver can send me their own fabrics, textiles and clothing
 and I will make them a one of a kind memory quilt from you!~

 A Mamaka Mills Gift Certificate is the perfect gift!!

Email me at Alix (at) mamakamills (dot) com for more info.

I make Custom Memory Quilts from your clothing...

Recycled Shirt Memory Quilt

Military Memory Quilts from your uniforms...

military memory quilt, custom memory quilt, army quilt, mamaka mills

military memory quilts,military quilt, quilt from recycled uniforms 6

Recycled Quilts...

mamaka mills, recycled quilt

Wedding Quilts from your wedding dress...

cool wedding dress quilt, custom memory quilt, memory quilt, recycled wedding dress 11

Baby Quilts...

mamaka mills memory quilt, clothing quilt, recycled quilt 12

Sweater Quilts...

recycled sweater quilt, recycled wool quilt 2